Hello, and welcome to the new Geekrising!  It’s been about 2 years since my last post here, but I’ve decided to dust off the shelves and polish everything up.  For those who visited the site before, you’ll see that the look has been completely updated.  For those of you who haven’t, you guys are jerks.  Kidding, kind of!  Just know that the new look is far superior to the old one.  You see, I believe that websites, like puppies, should be thrown out  and replaced every couple of years.  Keeps things fresh, don’t you think?

Along with the change in appearance comes a change in style as well.  If you read any of the previous posts, you’ll see a certain amount of, well, silliness contained within them.  While I still plan on maintaining humor and parody as the main focus of the blog, I wasn’t quite satisfied with the style of the posts.  In short, they smacked of silliness and a bit of immaturity.  Which are both good in moderation, of course.  I suppose what I’m saying is that I plan on being more moderately immature.

Though the style is changing a bit, I’m keeping the old posts up for posterity.  Yes, I DO believe I am that relevant.  So feel free to have a look back at them, and of course stay tuned for some more kick-ass posts.